Cloud Load Balancing

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Dedicated Xeon Servers

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Online Hosting Solutions:

The hosting world can be an intimidating place for newcomers, and a frustrating one for seasoned vets. That's why we're proud to offer hands on support to those who need it, while allowing more adept clients to take the wheel themselves.

3dMedia's Cloud hosting platform serves different hosting services like disk storage, mail, FTP, databases, DNS, statistics, Control Panel, backup, etc. on separate groups of very powerful servers. Each separate service group forms a cluster. 

3dmedia's Dedicated Cloud Hosting Platform Explained :

All our servers in a cluster are dedicated to serving only the given service and nothing else, They work as one server, sharing the load in almost equal proportions. If there is a real cloud hosting service, there would be: a disk storage cluster, a mail cluster, an FTP cluster, database clusters, a DNS cluster, a stat cluster, a Control Panel cluster, a backup cluster, etc. All these different service clusters will form the 3dmedia online virtual cloud hosting platform.